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The story so far ...

Three weeks from now, things have gone horribly wrong in the town of Hungerton, USA. Once a thriving, peaceful community, Hungerton has been overrun by a series of overlapping (and quite inconvenient) apocalypses.

Everything from fast food to household appliances has gained malevolent sentience, the dead have risen, the specter of nuclear Armageddon looms and - perhaps worst of all - it's become nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find what you're looking for during a trip to the Mall.

Amid the chaos, a lone figure stands... um... alone. His name is Hubert Beasley - local high school history teacher and part-time amateur human cloning enthusiast!


  • Choose any two heroes for a given battle as you fight your way through dozens of levels, never being more than a few steps away from imminent death. They've been given a second chance... to save the world!
  • Collect Experience to upgrade Health and attacks, increasing their slaying power!
  • Use Relics and power-ups to gain advantage over your enemies!
  • Unlock new historical characters to fight zombies with!
Man-eating cheeseburgers??


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