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Relics are reusable special abilities that make combat easier and generally more manageable.

Mall collection[edit | edit source]

Image Name Flavor description Technical description Unlock conditions
Bathory's Tub Bathory's Tub The price of youth and vigor can be quite high (and gross). Restores Health with each attack. Don't step in any dog crap when fighting the Death Valley Girl in The World of Spending, part 1.
Davey Jones' Locker Davey Jones' Locker Are you all about the BOOTY? Then this relic is for YOU! Spawns a crate full of powerups (random). Destroy 100 shopping bags in The Menace of the Mallrog
Marie Antoinette's Cake Marie Antoinette's Cake You can have your cake and eat it too, as long as you don't mind exploding later. Drops an exploding cake in front of the character. Find and destroy all the Zombie Chickens in Mandatory Fun Zone, Part 2.
William Tell's Apple Red, juicy, delicious and certain to bring you good luck.
WARNING: Has a hole or two in it.
Increases the drop rate of power-ups by 15% for the next two minutes. Don't get set on fire in Mandatory Fun Zone Part 1.
Automata of Al-Jazari Put your feet up and let this handy robot helper do some of your fighting for you. Summons a robot to fight along side you for 20 seconds. The robot taunts enemies. Complete the collection

Hobo colony collection[edit | edit source]

Image Name Flavor description Technical description Unlock conditions
SCH Crockett's Briefs.png Davy Crockett's Briefs Repel even the nastiest invaders with these fuzzy, wuzzy raccoon underpants. Mitigates damage of you and your team. Don't get crushed by rocks while fighting Beelsteambub in Last Stop: Hall of the Hobo King part 2
Faraday's Bird Cage If you're currently interested in energy, this cage is all the rage! Electrocutes anyone you hit, which puts a small damage over time and stuns them. Complete Unknown Path without any team mate dying.
SCH Henry Seat.png King Henry's Seat Cop a squat and flush your troubles away with this most regal of thrones. Sets down a trap that sucks in enemies and then explodes. Survive Last Stop: Hall of the Hobo King part 1 without any of the heroes dying.
Oppenheimer's Vile Bad guys getting too close for comfort? Send them flying with a controlled nuclear detonation! An area of effect knockback blast in a 3m radius around your character. Don't get crushed by Mr Whiskers in Wonchubee Mine part 2.
SCH Shackleton's Icy Boot.png Shackleton's Icy Boot It's your ENEMIES who will get cold feet when you use this relic! Slows enemies you strike for a limited time. Finish the level without being hit by a balloon in Healing Waters Brewery part 1.
The Anvil of Hephaestus You'll want to sing along to this anvil chorus as it flattens your enemies! Summon a storm of anvils in an area of your choosing that smash anyone they hit. Complete the collection
SCH Tuts Hat.png
Tut's Uncommon Hat No one will even realize you're still here when you don this helm! Causes enemies to temporarily lose track of the hero. Kill 10 enemies with spear traps in The Unknown Path Part 2

Bunker collection[edit | edit source]

Image Name Flavor description Technical description Unlock conditions
SCH Arnaud.png Arnaud You Don't Hey man, no need to be so AGGRESSIVE. Just take a load off and RELAX. Temporarily reduces all enemy damage. Better Dying Through Science Part 1.
SCH Creeeeeeeepy.png Creepy Crystal Skull Don't let the fact that we found it in a radioactive crater and have no idea who made it worry you. We're sure it's safe to use. Creates an electric stun field in a 12m radius around your hero. Don't get hit by rockets in Tanks for Nothing Part 1.
Foam Henge Strange, but true: Druids were AMAZINGLY good at talking trash. Taunts anyone within a 4m radius of your character. Get to the Bunker in under a minute in There's Fighting in the War Room Part 1.
SCH Spartacustard.png
Lewis Carroll's Looking Glass I'm rubber, you're glue! Your damage bounces off me and sticks to you! Reflects damage (you still lose health, but so does the attacker). Kill Private Corpsepile in under 45 seconds in The Missile Crisis Part 1.
SCH Bacon Box.png Nathanial Bacon's Tinder Box Fire in the hole! Or... on the wall. Or the floor. Or something. Creates an area of fire on the ground that lights up enemies. Don't trip more than one alarm in There's Fighting in the War Room Part 2.
SCH Richard's Lion Heart.png
Richard's Lion Heart It's gross and PROBABLY illegal, but it'll make you terrifying in a fight! Temporarily doubles damage dealt. Don't get knocked into lasers in Tanks for Nothing part 2.
SCH Spartacustard.png
Spartacustard Feeling run down? Grab a mouthful of fat and sugar and watch your energy - and blood-sugar - SOAR! Creates a totem that recharges the energy of nearby heroes. Avoid getting hit by lasers in The Missile Crisis Part 2.
The Drum of Estienne Let the power of the beat FLOW THROUGH YOU and turn you into a killing machine! Gives you and those within a 10m radius 20% more damage.
Sizhong's Huochong Monsters got you down? Cheer yourself up by launching a fireworks show (in their faces)! Place a powerful turret that will annhilate your enemies for as long as it's active. Complete the collection.

Elite collection[edit | edit source]

Image Name Flavor description Technical description Unlock conditions
Archimedes' Sponge Eureka! This absorbent beauty will suck up lots of damage while keeping you squeaky clean! Reduces damage your character takes for 10 seconds. Escape without anyone being hit by a Heart Attacker in The Menace of the Mallrog Part 1
Daguerre's Unstable Camera Daguerre's Unstable Camera If you ask me, there's nothing wrong with using blackpowder in a flash bulb. Temporarily stuns all monsters around the player. Capture the Crazy Cat Lady in Mad Mulligan's Beloved Part 2.
Leonidas' Tanning Oil Leonidas' Tanning Oil It's EASY to stand your ground when nobody can get a grip on you! Temporary immunity to knockback, stun, pull, and root. Avoid getting hit by rocks in Trashcalibur Part 2.
SCH Mendel's Peanness.png Mendel's Tasty Pea It's just loaded with green peaness! Slows down zombies in the target area. Complete Trashcalibur Part 1 in under 5 minutes.
Roland's Rollerskates Roland's Rollerskates No need to blow your oliphant and wait for the Emperor to save you when you've got these rollerskates! Increases movement speed, hero can pass through monsters. Kill the Goo Monsters before the Burglar in Mad Mulligan's Beloved Part 1.
Holy Grill A grill of such magnificent craftsmanship that it's worth questing for! Lights anyone you hit on fire, which puts a damage over time on those monsters. Complete the entire level without any characters dying (The World of Spending, part 2)
Victoria's Gauntlet We are simply NOT in the mood to be groped by monsters! When activated, you gain a percentage chance to knock anyone you hit back. Finish Healing Waters Brewery part 2 without Zombilly summoning reinforcements.
SCH Dolls.png
Zvyozdochkin's Dolls I'm back! Did you miss me? Automatically resurrects the player on death. Kill the Cat Lady with fire in Wonchubee Mine.
SCH Doyle.png
Arthur Conan Doyle's Magnifier Come closer, I can't see you. Closer. Just a bit more aaand... you're on fire. Summons an orbital laser that will destroy enemies. Complete the Elite collection.
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