Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla

Brilliant engineer and inventor, best known for developing Alternating Current electricity. His only hobbies were collecting mustache wax and yodeling.

Tesla uses powerful electrical weaponry to fry his enemies from a distance using a mix of electrical beams and a powerful "stun grenade" he can plant on the ground.

Unlocked by completing The Menace of the Mallrog.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Health 250 Move Speed 6.0 DPS 35
Energy 200 Combat Speed 3.0 Defense 10

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Assault and Batteries Assault and Batteries

Tesla fires a powerful bolt of electricity at his enemies, careful frying them to a crisp. Hits a primary target, then arcs off to strike two nearby monsters.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Who Ya Gonna Call?

Tesla deploys a ground-targeted gadget that stuns nearby monsters. Then - like all good inventions - it EXPLODES. Nearby allies are also briefly EMPOWERED with electrical energy!

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Tesla is particularly well suited for dealing with large amounts of weaker enemies, where his primary attack wreaks havoc on the zombies. His alternate ability allows for effective area denial and getting a breather during particularly intense attack waves. He works best when deployed alongside other heroes, as his attack is difficult to master and he can be overrun surprisingly fast.

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