Hubert Beasley

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Hubert Beasley

Amid the chaos, a lone figure stands... um... alone. His name is Hubert Beasley - local high school history teacher and part-time amateur human cloning enthusiast!

Knowing better than to rely on the denizens of the modern world to solve anything more complicated than microwaving a burrito, Hubert has turned to the PAST - when people REALLY knew how to take care of business.

After a quick trip around the globe, raiding crypts and robbing tombs, Hubert has collected enough DNA to begin using the cloning equipment he developed in his garage to bring back some of history's greatest heroes. He'd just finished his first batch when his home was overrun by a horde of hungry, wild-eyed monsters!

Hubert and his first round of clones managed to fight off the invaders, but many of his samples were carried off in the confusion and their current whereabouts are unknown. Without them, Hubert can't generate any new batches of clones and Hungerton - and likely the rest of the world - will be DOOMED!

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