Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln

America's greatest President. Prior to taking office, he was best-known for his skills as an orator and a series of amazing pulled pork barbecue recipes.

These days, Honest Abe has retired his famous ax in favor of something a BIT more dramatic. Wielding an enormous chainsaw, he wades into any fray, hacking his enemies to bits. And when he gets REALLY worked up, he becomes a whirling tornado of chainsawing fury!

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Health 300 Move Speed 6.0 DPS 70
Energy 150 Combat Speed 3.0 Defense 20

Abilities[edit | edit source]

I SAW What You Did There I SAW What You Did There

This Union isn't going to preserve itself! Fire up Abe's faithful chainsaw - Old Sweetness - and start mowin' down bad guys.

Hail to the Chief, Baby Hail to the Chief, Baby

Honest Abe becomes a tornado of furious, chainsawing death! While active, this ability allows Lincoln to move around, dealing heavy area of effect damage and powerful knock-backs to affected targets.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Lincoln is a melee character and as such, prone to getting surrounded, since the zombies don't understand the concept of personal space. As the chainsaw takes a moment to rev up and start dealing damage, you have to account for the delay. In a pinch, the Hail ability is good at clearing tight spaces and killing weaker enemies outright.

His biggest weakness is that he has no ranged abilities and has to rely on pickups for health. Pairing him with Elizabeth I is a good way to deal plenty of damage without running the risk of death.

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